Dan Brown’s Church of Nature

I recently finished reading Dan Brown’s newest book, “Origin”. In the story, Robert Langdon doesn’t use his expertise in codes as much as he uses his newfound expertise in running from the authorities to help a princess deliver a scientific message on the origins of life, and our planets next Continue Reading

Human Sacrifice in The Book of Mormon

I’ve started reading the Book of Mormon. I do voices for all the characters like I would with a children’s book. I find it’s easier to get through a whole chapter this way, or I may be getting older. In 1 Nephi 2: 7 Lehi “built an altar of stones, Continue Reading

Notes on Power

We all have a certain amount of power to influence our own worlds. Power for power’s sake gets us nowhere, though.  While talking about Tai Chi, Diane Von Furstenberg said, “If you focus only on power, you fail and your energy stagnates. It’s most important to focus on intention. If Continue Reading

Gift Guide for Fellow Stewards

It’s the most commercial time of the year, and people are gearing up for some major shopping and the accompanying credit card debt. As your Steward, I am here to show you there is a more excellent way. The person you are shopping for does not really want that item. Continue Reading

How to Make the Best Decisions

In life we are presented with so many choices; it’s hard to make any decision, let alone make the BEST decision. How do we keep to the Standards of Excellence we’ve set for ourselves when planning for college, marriage, or what to name our offspring? I approach each decision reminding Continue Reading

New Normal

Happy November! I believe the first of the month sets the tone for the whole month. That’s why I take extra care to live intentionally every first. Whatever you were doing yesterday, however you were living, today is the new normal. After all, we should not judge ourselves based on Continue Reading

Parable Norman

Happy Halloween Your Excellency! In honor of the holiday, I put together a list of lessons from ParaNorman. This movie is a wonderful reminder for us all to be kind to one another. The Lessons: 1. Stop being bigots. All these lessons pretty much boil down to this: Stop persecuting Continue Reading

The Parable of the Ten Retirement Virgins

“No one would remember the Good Samaritan if he’d only had good intentions; he had money, too.” – Margaret Thatcher I know a woman who divorced her husband 30 years ago, and got a very nice settlement including a four-plex. This woman is not financially savvy. She took out a Continue Reading

Meet The Steward

A steward is someone who looks after something or someone. As the Steward of Excellence I am looking out for you and the planet by reminding myself and you to live the good life and to maintain a standard of excellence. In this blog I will take a jaunt through Continue Reading