Happy November! I believe the first of the month sets the tone for the whole month. That’s why I take extra care to live intentionally every first. Whatever you were doing yesterday, however you were living, today is the new normal. After all, we should not judge ourselves based on our past. We should judge ourselves based on the way we are shaping our future.

Everything that happened in the past is the past. The effort you’ve previously put into something doesn’t mean anything starting today so drop it if it’s not worth your time. To look at it another way, the time you’ve wasted NOT doing that worthwhile thing your conscience is nagging you about right now doesn’t mean anything either. You can’t get that time back, or those calories you consumed, or the money you spent. Everything resets today.

Go live with intention. Maintain a Standard of Excellence. And don’t forget to renew the pledge next month. I have faith in you!