Happy Halloween Your Excellency! In honor of the holiday, I put together a list of lessons from ParaNorman. This movie is a wonderful reminder for us all to be kind to one another.

The Lessons:

1. Stop being bigots.

All these lessons pretty much boil down to this: Stop persecuting people who are different from you.

2. Hatred hurts children.

While the adults in his life didn’t outright bully him, they did not support Norman, ignored his gift, and showed him what his future looked like through their treatment of his uncle should he choose not to conform to society.

The puritan adults also took their fear of witchcraft out on a little girl. They exercised power over a little girl, and killed her, which brings me to the next point:

3. Don’t make decisions out of fear.

Society is supposed to have advanced since the puritan times. (We don’t put scarlet letters on single mothers anymore.) But the minute something happened that the modern townspeople didn’t understand, they turned into a murderous mob. They saw Norman trying to talk with the cloud witch, and accused him of necromancy. The first suggestion was to hang him, and the second was to burn him. This sort of vigilante justice is beneath us as a species.

4. Gay characters are still noteworthy.

It won’t happen forever, but despite all the problematic hetero sexuality displayed in the movie, the top results for a google search of “sexuality in ParaNorman” feature Mitch the Casually Queer Quarterback. This movie is claymation. They sculpted every single booty angle for the zombie movie on TV, and gave the older sister a badonkadonk and a belly shirt. Did anyone care about that example being set for their children? The sister rubbed the guy’s body and ogled him in a towel, which is sexual and non-consensual. The gay relationship wasn’t even portrayed, and it made internet headlines.


As people of Excellence, we must lead by example and treat others with kindness. We’re all humans. We’re all on the same team. We’re all just trying to live happy lives. Tonight I want everyone to be safe. enjoy your tricks and treats, and remember the parable of the dead witch and the séance boy.